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Bouncy Brow Duo | LIGHT - MEDIUM

$12 $22

So Sue By SJ's Bouncy Brow Duo is back and can now be purchased individually as part of the Eye Voltage Collection.

The unique powder mousse formula is super lightweight, buildable and long lasting, with a dual shade pan that can be used to perfect an ombre brow effect, or can be mixed together to customize your own brow shade.

Easy to apply, you can fill and define your brows while creating volume and dimension!


  • Long-lasting, lightweight & buildable
  • Dual shade for ombre effect
  • Creates volume & dimension


  1. Using the SOSUbySJ SE207 angled brush start to outline the brow, from lower arch to outer tail, using thin, hair-like strokes in the direction of the hair growth.
  2. Once outlined, fill inside the brow in the same direction that the hairs grow naturally.
  3. Using the remaining product on the brush, lightly fill in the front of the brow to create a natural gradient effect.
  4. Customise your own brow shade by mixing both shades as desired.

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