The Belle Brush

The Hair Heroes Collection - Worth $125.00

$94 $125

Your must have brushes in one set. Your every day brush, The Belle Brush Original, the handbag friendly Baby Belle. The Belle Backcomb which is perfect for creating volume and the most in demand brush for the perfect blowdry, The Belle Blowdry Brush, medium size. We have you covered, and your hair will love you for it!


 The Belle Brush Original 

Our favourite and number one brush, The Belle Brush Original glides through the hair removing any knots or tangles and is an absolute must have as your everyday brush, keeping your hair in the best condition possible.


The Baby Belle

This little hero is a mini version of our amazing Original, offering all of the same benefits in the perfect size for on the go styling. Not only will your hair love it, but it has also been given the seal of approval by the little ones, giving it its much deserved tag line ‘No More Drama’.


The Belle Backcomb 

Need some volume? This brush is perfect for adding height to your look giving an extra touch of glam to your hair style without causing breakage, not to mention it’s an incredible detangler in the shower for combing through your conditioner and masks, making sure each product gets to every single strand of your hair.


The Belle Blowdry

The Belle Blowdry brush is the perfect brush to easily achieve a salon blowdry at home. Soft nylon bristles and a coated barrel allow for easier rotation of the brush for blowdry beginners. The bristles are also extra long to hold on to even the thickest hair with ease, for the perfect frizz free blowdry.

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