Luna By Lisa

Aztec Beauty Bag


Well, the public asked and Lisa listened!!! Three new beauty bags are now here, with the exclusive prints chosen by Lisa's followers! 

Lisa Jordan's phone blew up back in January 2021 after taking to Instagram to show products that had been considered for the brand but never made it to production. 

The 12 prints that 'could have been' were placed into a poll, where over 40,000 of you voted for your favourite design. The polls were tight, but eventually, there were 3 clear winners that were immediately put into production. Aztec, Floral Leopard and Roses. 

So what is the Beauty Bag?!

The LUNA by Lisa Beauty Bag is perfect for on the go, travel or a night out with the girls! It’s super handy to throw all your products into, close it up and you’re ready to go. When you open it out it turns into a portable glam station where you can easily see all your products.

*Please note - contents photographed in the bag are not included.

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