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SOSU x Bonnie Ryan Lashes


Enhance your eye game with our three-quarter length, double-layered synthetic lashes, available in two versatile styles. The Day lash offers a subtle, wispy effect, perfect for a soft daytime look, while the Night lash provides a dramatic feline effect, ideal for a bold evening appearance. These high-quality lashes are easy to apply and add the perfect finishing touch to your makeup routine, ensuring you're ready for any occasion. Elevate your eye game effortlessly and transition seamlessly from a subtle daytime look to a captivating evening appearance with these versatile lash styles.

✦ Wispy day lash

✦ Feline night lash

✦ Three quarter length


1. Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the curved eyelash band

2. Allow adhesive to become tacky for 20-30 seconds before applying (If the glue is too wet it will slide around the eye).

3. Using tweezers, apply lashes onto the eyelid as close to the lash roots as possible.

4. Press gently along the lash band starting from the centre of the eyelid outwards into the corners to secure.

5. To remove, gently peel away from the eyelid, remove excess adhesive and place lashes back into lash tray for reuse

NOTE: Glue not included


False synthetic eyelash

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